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Te Reo Māori Season

Each year, Taki Rua presents highly engaging and meaningful children's theatre show performed completely in te reo Māori, to thousands of school-children and people of all ages throughout Aotearoa. First presented in 1995 in Wellington, Te Reo Maori Season sees a small team of performers and theatre professionals travel the length of the country with a set, costumes, props and soundscape. These lively and animated shows can be understood by people of all comprehension levels, no matter where they are on their reo Māori journey, and are performed in
kura kaupapa Māori, mainstream schools and community spaces.


Our Te Reo Māori Season reflects our desire to broaden the artistic and creative horizons for all New Zealanders within a Māori story-telling context, to present more high quality kaupapa Māori and te reo Māori programmes to more people around Aotearoa New Zealand.


Nā Tere Harrison


Rongotai has a burning ambition to be the hottest DJ in Aotearoa but Kui Hauora thinks her mokopuna is losing her way so with the help of cousin Whaiora, a magic hue, waiata and haka Kui Hauora teaches Rongotai traditional music that may just help her compete at Te Pao Roa. Te Aka Tawhito is a story about the challenges our youth face. The challenge of realising your dreams and achieving them and the challenge of believing in yourself.

Will DJ Wave succeed at Te Pao Roa?

Will Kui Hauora still have the love of her mokopuna?

And will cousin Whaiora survive in the big smoke?


E te iwi whakapiri mai, whakatata mai ki a DJ Wave e paopao waiata ana. Kotahi te whakaaro ki tana ngakau – ko te waiata pao roa



Performed in te reo Māori, Te Aka Tawhito will be touring the following locations around the motu throughout term 3.


If you are based in the highlighted areas on our map please email for an expressions of interest booking form.

Map TRMS 2024 te aka tawhito.png
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