Taki Rua


Taki Rua produce, commission and develop theatre with a distinctively Māori voice. We collaborate with the brightest voices in our industry, touring productions both locally and internationally.


Since 1983, Taki Rua has been an arts industry leader – a creative rule breaker, continually evolving the definition of Māori theatre. We exist to connect our past and present and ensure Māori voices are heard worldwide.

Each year our team develop new works, supporting a range of talent and ensuring Māori theatre remains bold and contemporary. Our productions offer important contributions to New Zealand’s creative discourse, providing insight into the development of our nation.


Born from a traditional culture and adapting to a multicultural world, Taki Rua challenge audiences and artists to celebrate and share stories from our nation. Taki Rua explore the essence and perceptions of our place as the indigenous culture of Aotearoa.

Our Whānau

The Taki Rua whānau all play an important part in keeping the ahikā of Te Haukāinga burning. See contact details below to get in touch with a specific member of our team. 

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Chief Executive

Tānemahuta Gray

tanemahuta (at) takirua.co.nz

Kaiwhakahaere Matua

General Manager

Nathan McKendry

nathan (at) takirua.co.nz

Staff Photos 2020-23.jpg

Pou Tikanga

Mātauranga Māori

Pekaira Jude Rei

Kaiwhakarite Administration Manager

Joyce Kupe-Stephens

joyce (at) takirua.co.nz

Staff Photos 2020-13.jpg

Kaiwhakahaere Pūtea Funding Manager

Alex Granville

alex (at) takirua.co.nz

Staff Photos 2020-11.jpg

Kaiāwhina Hanga Hōtaka

Production Assistant

Cohen Stephens

cohen (at) takirua.co.nz

Staff Photos 2020.jpg

Ringa Āwhina Tāhūhū
Executive Assistant

Ash Moor

ash (at) takirua.co.nz

Staff Photos 2020-25.jpg


Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Taylor Terekia

taylor (at) takirua.co.nz

Kaiwhakahaere Hanga Hōtaka

Production Manager

Helena Coulton

helena (at) takirua.co.nz

Kaitūhono Matua
Production Liaison

Amanda Noblett

amanda (at) takirua.co.nz

Ngā Kaiurungi / Board Members

Toni Huata

Simon Garrett

Adrian Wagner

Jamie Ferguson

Pearl Sidwell

Patrick Hape

Grant Roa

Hera Clarke

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